Relay protection, fault -or voltage indicators

We have wide experience in the field of configuration and commissioning works with different manufacturer’s equipment such as Schneider Electic: P3, Vamp, Micom, Saitel; ABB: REx, RTU5x0; A-Eberle EOR-D, Reg-A1:C208 Reg-DP; Kries Energietechnik IKI; Meinberg Lantime; Moxa switches, converters; Siemens Logo!; Trench EFD and so on. For the testing of relay protection we can use Omicron CMC356, Compano and other manufacturers testing devices.

Alarm and indication, Motor Protection, Transformer Protection, Arc protection relays and feeder terminals (ABB, Schneider Electric)

Voltage indication and measurement according to IEC61243-5 standard; Fault indicators (IKI-50) and transformer protection (IKI-30/35) relays, Phase comparison devices (Kries)