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Eltech Solutions OÜ

Eltech Solutions OÜ main activities are: technical designing, consulting, construction and maintenance of low-, medium- and high voltage electrical applications. Manufacturing, configuration and sales of electrical distribution and control equipment.

The scope that we offer gives our Customer a change to realise electrical projects starting from the High Voltage Substation down to a Low Voltage electrical assembly using domestic and foreign manufacturers components.

Our portfolio includes Low Voltage distribution panels and compact Substations designed, manufactured and routine tested by Eltech Solutions OÜ. All products are also type tested by a accredited third party.

In addition, we offer our Customers individual products such as: Power and Distribution Transformers, special transformers, Medium Voltage switchgears or Fault Indicators, Pole Mounted Circuit Breakers, Load Break Switches, Protection Relays, Switches, Modems and more.

We also provide electrical designing, installation and configuration in addition to products that we offer.

Certificates: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018

Our quality policy

ELTECH SOLUTIONS policy during designing, constuctioning, manufacturing and commissioning electrical equipment on behalf of quality, enviroment and occupational healt and safety management is:

  • constant improvement of performance and effectiveness of the management system implemented in the company;
  • acting in accordance with legislation and other requirements and norms;
  • use of producion technologies that improve the quality and are environmentally sustainable;
  • prevention of pollution and reduction of enviromental impacts during our activities;
  • development of the company, raising the awareness and competence of our employees;
  • ensuring the customer satisfaction while offering high-quality products and services;
  • provide safe and healthy work enviroment for our employees;
  • ensure safety for third parties in the company’s control area;
  • preventing and avoiding of dangerous situations and providing our employees with the knowledge and skill to operate in these situations;
  • avoiding and preventing injuries or other occupational diseases;
  • indentifying, assessment, and management of enviroment aspects and work enviromental risk factors associated with the company’s activities;
  • informing our employees and partners about the company’s enviromental protection and occupational and safety principles;
  • constant improvement of the working, resting and enviromental conditions for our employees
  • involve our employees and their representatives in work enviroment issues

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